department of physical education




Sports achievement at SCET is a mixture of passion, science and exceptional support.

We understand that reaching peak performance depends on many factors – talent, training, persistence, confidence and, above all, opportunity. Those with the skill and tenacity to succeed are given the opportunity to prepare for real world competition, to realize their dreams.

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The College boasts a number of outstanding coaching directors and our students receive first class training in their chosen sports.

Short term goal:

Winners are people who never fail, but people who never quite. We identify and encourage our students to participate with an elite performance in all competition and provide high level coaching to win the zonal level match.

Long term goal:

Hard work always beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard. We encourage our talented students to work hard and provide excellent coaching with support to win in the state level and Anna university level sports competition.

We support our students to reach the peak performance in All India University Match.