Science and Humanities



The Department of Science and Humanities came into existence since the inception of SCET in 2009. The Department comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Humanities. Students of I and II semester of every year belong to this Department.

The motto of the Department is to provide high quality education to students with the assistance of well-qualified, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members. Our facultyís research expertise includes all frontier areas in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. We impart the best teaching methodologies which prepares competent professionals able to independently apply knowledge to become a successful engineer.


Department of Science and Humanities comprises of the faculty of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The Unique strength of the department is itís excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. It caters to the needs of the society and carves the younger generation into better citizens, leading the budding engineers in the path of success


Department of Science and Humanities strives for excellence in learning, teaching and research with a global perspective. Core mission of the Department is to realize the creative potential and fire the imagination of all its members and to promote learning in the cultural tradition of India. The goal of the Department is to equip its students to make effective contributions to society and the Industry. The Department offers the students a dynamic change-agent creating new knowledge, enhancing quantitative skills, molding and shaping new identities. The basic requirement of the professional students is the Communication skills, Inter-personal skills, Aptitude, Reasoning ability, apart from the Technical skills.