Department of ECE

Electronics & Communication Engineering



The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the Departments established in 2009 under Anna university, Chennai. The Department has been playing a vital role in producing engineers and technologists of highest caliber particularly from South region of the country. The department has expertise in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, VLSI, Digital Image processing, optical Communication and Opto electronics devices, Communication engineering and Robotics, Embedded System, VLSI, Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Microwave Engg, Control Systems, Analog Communication, Digital Electronics etc.

The department has well versed laboratories housing various modern equipment to enable the students to keep pace with the fast developing technology. Students are given broad opportunities for relevant skill development apart from regular academics in order to make them competitive and industry ready. In addition, special training in national / International level tests for fellowships for higher studies.

The department also conducts workshops, symposium and faculty development programs regularly for improving the teaching and learning quality. Also the department is involved in the society development programs to make impact on its development and awareness.


To produce quality engineers by providing state-of-the-art engineering education

To attract and retain knowledgeable, creative, motivated and highly skilled individuals whose leadership and contributions uphold the college tenets of education.

Highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession in the global society

Undergraduate programs that integrate global awareness, communication skills and team building in the curriculum

Prudent and accountable resource management

Leadership and service to meet society’s needs.


The Salem College of Engineering and technology serves the state, the nation, and the world by graduating talented, broadly educated engineers, conducting high quality research, developing breakthrough technologies, and disseminating and preserving technical knowledge.


The primary goal of the department is to prepare the students for a successful professional career in the respective discipline. The Curriculum is structured to provide each student with a sound background in Engineering science and a thorough foundation for the analysis and design of electronics, computer and digital systems.

Short-term Goals:

More peer reviewed Journals publishing.

Practicing total quality management to ensure students in centered teaching learning process.

And also we Pursue internship opportunities for the students in the creamy level industries and hospitals.

To motivate the students towards industry related projects and provide them necessary facilities.

Long-term Goals:

Cent Percent Result | Excellent Placement

Separate R&D center.

NBA and NAAC Accreditations.

To encourage all faculty to indulge in research activities.

To conduct international level seminars and conferences for the students and faculty members.