applied electronics


Applied electronics deals with the designing and development of instruments and devices that can measure, control, regulate and record data involved in various industrial processes. This branch has been launched to usher manpower with a better and solid understanding of modern equipments used in the industry. Factories like Power plants, refineries, compressor stations, and several other manufacturing plants and research institutions need skilled resources of this field. This branch of engineering finds numerous applications in related fields like robotics, automobile engineering, chemical engineering, rolling mills, process control etc.



Applied Electronics is a wide ranging field encompassing the application of electronics in different areas, such as, manufacturing, medicine, consumer applications and others.

With a variety of subjects in the curriculum this course attracts students from many disciplines.

This is one of the most sought after courses in all the leading universities in India.

Two Years course leading to Master of Degree in Engineering with Specialisation in Applied Electronics .

- Subjects

- Digital Electronics

- Electron Devices

- Electronic Circuits

- Signal and System

- Control System

- Microprocessors and Microcontroller

- Linear Integrated Circuits

- Communication Theory

- Antenna and Wave Propagation

- Digital Signal Processor

- Microwave Engineering

- Telecommunication Switching and Networks

- Optical Communication

- Electromagnetic Fields

- Measurement and Instrumentation

- Transmission line and wave guide

- Digital Communication


- Mobile Communication

- Medical Electronics