Department of biomedical

Lab Details

Biochemistry and Human Physiology Lab


This laboratory designed to train students to study the basic principles & methods of biochemistry. Students in this laboratory are introduced to various biochemical techniques, including spectrophotometry, chromatography, colorimetry, Electrophorsesis etc.

Pathology and Microbiology Lab


This laboratory designed to fundamental principles of microbiology including the survey of pathogenic microorganisms and the diseases they cause. It is an introduction to the microbial world with an emphasis on the diversity of microbes.

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab


This lab provide hands on training on Measurement of physiological parameters , biochemical parameters measurement and biosignal analysis.

Diagnostic and therapeutic Equipment Lab


This lab provide practice on recording and analysis of different Bio potentials and also the function of different Therapeutic equipments. This makes the students to analyze the Bio medical signals, to check the safety of any medical equipments and to have the knowledge about therapeutic equipments.

Clinical Trial Room


The department is equipped with a full furnished clinical trial room, aiming at the researches for the beneficiaries of the student.

Hospital Training


As a part of the curriculum students undergo training in reputed hospitals. This gives them greater exposure and hands on experience on fostering themselves as a successful engineer.